Centre for the Promotion & Protection of Human Rights is situated in Trincomalee in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka. It is a wing of the Social Action Programmes of the Society of Jesus in the Province of Sri Lanka.
The Centre began its activities in August 2004 in the town of Trincomalee, offering its services to the three communities that live in this town.
Due to the ethnic conflict and war, the mistrust experienced and expressed by these communities, the Centre offers an opportunity to build peace and harmony through its activities.
The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) have been in Trincomalee well over hundred years and dedicated their life and service in the field of education. St.Joseph s College was managed and run by the Jesuits until it was handed over to the Government in 1971 and today it is a National School.
Thereafter, the Jesuits moving from the service offered in the field of education, strengthened their activities in the social forum.
The war and the ethnic conflict prompted the Jesuits to the new reality faced by the people of this town and knowing well, the urgent need to engage and be involved in the social ministry and specially in the field of Human Rights Activism, the Jesuits felt the need of a Centre from where the activities of promoting and protecting human rights could spring along with other social involvement with the marginalized people of this town.
The newly constructed Centre for the Promotion & Protection of Human Rights was opened on 13.01.2007 by The Provincial, Society of Jesus, Province of Sri Lanka
What you will see in the coming pages is more about us, our mission and vision and our activities. You could also be part of our team and engage in meaningful service to your neighbour.
Join in and explore a world of opportunities of meeting human persons and being part of a human family. 


The vision of CPPHR is echoed in and through the preamble of the UDHR which affirms, “recognition of the inherent dignity and of equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”


The realization of this vision is sought to be achieved through:- Promoting Human Rights, Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Networking with likeminded Associations Voicing the concerns of the marginalized and the voiceless Providing legal assistance and support to the victims of Human Rights violations Through an integral approach to social development Fostering a culture of Human Rights in the society And through other interventions that call for promoting and protecting Human Rights

Motto: “A fire that kindles other fires” - GC 35 of the Society of Jesus


Our Location Inner Harbour Road, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

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